The Dark: Horror Anthology David Hernandez




The Dark: Horror Anthology

by David Hernandez

rating: 5.0 (1 reviews)

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"The Dark" a collection of Horror shorts... The Hunter: A serial killer on a killing spree, chooses the wrong victim. Shadow People: An amateur paranormal investigations group, investigates an abandoned Mental Asylum. Be careful what you look for. The Harvest Moon: Three friends go camping on a cool Fall night, during the Harvest Moon. Please check out these other full screenplays available in ebook and paperback... THE DARK HORROR ANTHOLOGY THE DARK HORROR ANTHOLOGY VOL 2 THE DARK HORROR ANTHOLOGY VOL 3 THE DARK HORROR ANTHOLOGY VOL 4 THE DARK HORROR ANTHOLOGY MAX BOOK 1-4 THE AFTER Peter a brilliant software engineer, is obsessed with finding the answer to an age old question. Is there something after when we die? He builds a machine that can possibly give him the answer, but soon realizes... some things are better left unknown. *Finalist Screenplay on 2017 Horror Screenplay Contest* MAGDEBURG 1945 A squad of American soldiers are given orders to investigate a deserted secret Nazi Bunker. Nothing could have prepared them, for the unimaginable horrors lurking in the darkness below. THE ARCH Humans are forced to live underground after Asteroid "Apollyon" collides into the Earth. Food sources are scarce, and an experimental chemical is used to treat and recycle dead human flesh for consumption. The process is corrupted which creates flesh eating Zombies. TURN OF FATE David's ordinary monotonous life, is turned upside down one morning, when he helps a beautiful Woman in need. He can never go back to what was, but would he truly want to anyway?



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bound: 56 pages
publisher: Independently published (March 20, 2017)
lang: English
isbn: 1520888163, 978-1520888163,
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The Dark: Horror Anthology David Hernandez

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